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Terms and conditions

Public offer No. Simple 1

From July 26, 2023

Version #1


  1. The main provisions of the public offer contract:
    • This document is an open public offer of SC Deosebit – Service S.R.L (hereinafter referred to as the Agency, the Company, the Firm, the Chief Administrator), regarding the provision of the sites of the simple.dits.md system to an indefinite circle of persons under the terms of this offer.
    • Home port SC Deosebit – Service S. R.L is to simplify the creation of sites for potential customers, offering a wide range of functionality and opportunities for customers.
    • The customer (hereinafter referred to as Customer, Acceptor) accepts this offer in case of registration on the website to receive demo access to the website or full access to the website in the simple.dits.md system
    • This offer may be modified by the Agency unilaterally, with prior notice to the Client.
  2. Glossary:
    • Agency – the company SC Deosebit – Service SRL, its employees and third parties involved in the execution of tasks.
    • Client – any natural or legal person registered on the simple.dits.md site for the purpose of obtaining a Demo site and/or a site in the simple.dits.md system
    • Demo Site – free trial, test version of the site, provided to the Client by the Agency for a period of 5 days. The functionality and composition of the demo site is determined by the Agency.
    • Site in the system (hereinafter referred to as the dits.md site, simple site, simple site, online store, business card, catalog, corporate site) – site created by the Agency for the Client with limited access according to the provisions of the selected package.
    • Site package (hereinafter referred to as selected version, site version, package version, selected package) is a variant of the site with the properties specified on the site, such as cost, validity period, site size, functionality and services additional. Packages are listed at the link – https://simple.dits.md/#price . Packages are subject to change with notice to the customer. The customer has the right to refuse the services if the updates in the package do not suit him.
    • Hosting (hereinafter referred to as server, VPS) is the place where the website is stored and operated, monitored by the Agency and offers the Client a dedicated percentage of capacity.
    • Domain – the name of the site, purchased by the Client independently.
    • E-mail (hereinafter e-mail, mail, box) - e-mail.
    • User (hereinafter referred to as user, system user) is an account through which the Customer has the ability to connect to the simple website system simple.dits.md to manage your website.
    • The control panel is part of the simple.dits.md site where the Client and its users can perform site management actions.
    • NS server – a server that converts domain names that users work with into IP addresses that are easy for computers to understand or vice versa.
    • Downtime – the time the system sites are simple.dits.md were down.
  3. Subject of the contract:
    • The object of the contract is the provision by the Agency of the Client's access to the simple.dits.md system site for a fee.
    • The websites of the simple.dits.md system allow the Client to choose the desired design and use the desired functionality within the selected package. The selected package does not oblige the Customer to apply all 100% of the functionality.
    • Providing access to a site simple.dits.md provided by the Agency after signing the current contract.
  4. Conditions for granting access to the Demo site:
    • The Client completes the Demo site request form, after which the Agency decides to grant such access to the Client.
    • The Agency reserves the right to refuse to provide the Demo Site if it believes that such request is repeated or in bad faith.
    • The Agency offers access to the Client at his request for 5 days and can extend this period if he deems it necessary.
    • The Agency reserves the right to disable the Demo Site if it deems the Customer's actions to be dishonest.
    • Obtaining access to the Demo site does not obligate the Customer to take any further action or payment for a full-fledged site.
    • All actions and information available by the Customer on the Demo site will be deleted after the trial period expires.
  5. Granting access and conditions of use of the simple.dits.md system site:
    • The customer has access after paying for the selected version of the website of the simple.dits.md system.
    • The customer receives the simple.dits.md system site on an "As Is" basis, i.e. without the possibility to make changes to the code, the functionality of the site without the Agency.
    • Access is provided by e-mail provided by the Customer upon completion.
    • The customer is required to provide a domain name with NS added records or A records, in . NS and A record is provided by the agency in a letter or upon registration.
    • The Client receives the rights of the level determined by the Agency, allowing to perform the actions described in the selected version.
    • The customer has the right to make changes to the content, settings, products and other elements available in the website control panel.
    • The customer has no right to try to obtain a higher level of access to the system, to install additional functionalities of the simple.dits.md site. In the case of such attempts, the Agency has the right to block the Client's site without refund, after having previously warned the Client about such attempts.
    • The Client has the right to request from the Agency additional functionalities and modifications unique to him. More details in paragraph 7.
    • In the event of a failure of the system site, simple.dits.md the client has the right to request a site restoration service or to receive a new version of the site. More details in paragraph 9.
  6. Rights and obligations of the parties:
    • The client undertakes to work responsibly (after studying the instructions, without trying to make the site unusable) in the provided site of the simple.dits.md system.
    • The Agency undertakes to create and maintain the Client's website in a working condition, except in cases where the Client has brought the website to an incapacitated state.
    • The customer undertakes to pay the invoices for payment on time, see paragraph 10 for more details.
    • The Agency undertakes to provide the Client with all closing documents in electronic form, namely the tax invoice and the deed.
    • The client undertakes to sign the received documents and to send the necessary copies to the specified email address of the agency.
    • The customer does not have the right to refuse to sign the closing documents if the system website simple.dits.md has been created.
    • The Agency has the right to stop the operation of the website of the simple.dits.md system in case of non-payment by the Client in more than 5 days.
    • The agency has the right to remove the website of the simple.dits.md system if the client does not pay the invoice within 30 days from the date of the invoice.
    • The agency has the right to remove the website of the simple.dits.md system if the client uses the website for purposes prohibited by the law of the Republic of Moldova, as well as pornography, drugs, illegal circulation of weapons, incitement to any form of hatred, lack of documents of sale of goods subject to additional documentation by state bodies. The site may be temporarily blocked by the sanction of the court and government agencies with appropriate force.
    • The agency has the right to remove the website of the simple.dits.md system if the customer uses the website goods and services that do not match the description and also mislead the customer's buyers. 
    • The Agency is not responsible for content lost as a result of site deactivation or deletion.
    • The agency is not responsible for the information available to the client on the system website. 
    • The customer bears full responsibility for the information published, including prices, descriptions of goods and services on the website. 
  7. Additional services of the Agency:
    1. The Client has the right to request from the Agency the introduction of site content, additional functionality, assistance in working with the site and changes to his site via e-mail or support chat.
    2. The agency provides an evaluation of the requested work within 7 working days.
    3. The agency will start performing the requested tasks only after receiving the payment on the assessment invoice.
    4. The Agency has the right to offer the Client services for:
    5. Advertising on the website;
    6. Promotion and optimization of the website;
    7. Brand development;
    8. Introducing additional functionality;
    9. Website Content;
    10. And other services related to the operation of the website and its advertising.
    11. The Agency has the right to refuse the Client the requested works and their assessment.
  8. Email system
      • The customer has the right to access the portal of electronic mailboxes (email) if he has chosen the package with the mail of the simple.dits.md site, and also registered NS domain registrations issued by the Agency.
      • The Agency provides 1 (one) administrator email for the Client. Multiple e-mail addresses are created by the Client independently.
      • Additional email addresses are created by the Customer independently or in accordance with paragraph 7, i.e. by request. works for the Agency.
      • corporate email – Zoho Mail.
      • Customer is free to upgrade to any other Zoho Mail package.
      • The Agency does not restrict the Client from working with Zoho services.
      • Mail service support is not the agency's responsibility. The agency only offers the client the opportunity to use this service for the client.
      • The agency can provide assistance in working with the postal service, but is not obligated to.

9. Tech service and support

        • The customer has the right to request information about working with the site.
        • The agency undertakes to provide instructions in the form of a link, photo, video or text response to email or chat support.
        • The restoration of the site, in the event of its failure due to the Client's fault, is made against an additional fee in the amount of the cost of 3 months of the selected version. The agency is obliged to provide at least 1 proof of the site failure by the Client.
        • The restoration of the construction site, in the event of its failure due to the Agency's fault, is carried out at the Agency's expense. The client must prove the damage caused to the Agency, in the event of a dispute.
        • In the case of a client's request, the Agency can provide a clean version of the simple.dits.md system website. All information from the previous version is permanently deleted.
        • Sites and Customers are accepted via email and/or a chat created by the agency for customer support.
        • The Agency only provides informational support and does not perform work for the Client. Additional work is regulated by paragraph 7.
        • The agency has the right to help free of charge if it deems it necessary.
        • The agency does not accept mail service.

10. Payment, terms and refund:

    • Payment is made according to the selected version of the website of the simple.dits.md system.
    • Payment is made in Moldovan lei at the bnm exchange rate. md on the 1st of the month.
    • The cost of the option is indicated at https://simple.dits.md/#price, which may be subject to discounts offered by the Agency and its partners.
    • Payment for any version of the system site is simple.dits.md and any work of the Agency is done with 100% advance payment.
    • The term for providing the Client with the system site is simple.dits.md is from 1 to 3 working days from the provision of the domain with registrations, as specified in paragraph 5.4.
    • Refunds are made only in cases where the simple.dits.md site system has not been created or the simple.dits.md system site has been down for more than 24 hours.
    • If the system site is simple.dits.md was created, there is no refund.

11. Intellectual property:

      • The Agency makes the sites of the simple.dits.md system available to the Client on an "as is" basis, i.e. all intellectual property rights of the Agency and of third parties with whom the Agency cooperates are the responsibility of the Agency.
      • The customer owns only the content of the website, which he has contributed to the website.
      • The customer has the right to purchase the site and install it on his hosting only after 1 year of work with the simple.dits.md system site, as well as payment for 12 months of the selected option.
      • The agency has the right not to transfer the licenses used in case of moving the site from the simple.dits.md system

12. Safety:

        • The agency undertakes to ensure the functioning of the website of the simple.dits.md system, with Downtime no more than 10 hours per month.
        • The Agency does not give the Client access to modify the functionality and program code of the system.
        • The customer is fully responsible for the access to the site received. The agency strongly recommends changing site passwords at least once a month.
        • In case of loss of access, the Client can independently restore the password or request restoration from the Agency as an additional service with a fixed cost of 5.00 euros, including VAT.
        • The Agency undertakes to keep several backup copies of the website, but does not guarantee to the Client that the backup copy will correspond to the date requested by the Client.
        • The agency is responsible for hosting.
        • The customer is responsible for the operation of the domain.

13. Force majeure and other conditions:

    • In case of force majeure, such as natural disasters, wars and other force majeure circumstances, the parties are released from their obligations.
    • In other cases, the parties are guided by common sense, mutual respect and written agreements.
    • In case of irresistible disputes, the parties have the right to address the court of the Republic of Moldova.

14. Requisites:

SC Deosebit -Service SRL

IDNO: 1007600042703

TVA: 0306101

Chisinau Moldova

C/N: MD16MO2224ASV22990397100